At DOT, we invest in youth-led innovation that creates opportunities and transforms communities.

We incubate big ideas that support youth as leaders and innovators. One of the youth-led initiatives we’re supporting youth to build is Innojo.

Innojo is a digital platform that connects young social entrepreneurs to peer support, mentors, resources, networks, and opportunities on their innovation journey.

The need for Innojo emerged from young leaders in Africa and the Middle East. Young people see social entrepreneurship as a pathway to jobs and opportunities; governments, global bodies, and economic strategies increasingly indicate the economic and social potential in empowering youth as social entrepreneurs.

We saw that, despite growing global emphasis on social innovation and entrepreneurship, no youth-focused support, platforms, or networks for young social entrepreneurs existed at scale. Young people in the DOT network shared their need for such a tool, and young women indicated that no safe and trusted platforms existed that served their needs as innovators.

The solution is Innojo, a platform that enables emerging social innovators to build a network of support by matching with peers and mentors, and by providing access to curated learning on their social innovation journey.

We are currently incubating a team of youth based in Cape Town, South Africa, alongside an international virtual user experience (UX) design team of youth in Kenya, Jordan, and Lebanon, to design and develop Innojo.

We see our role as a catalyst and incubator for youth-led innovation as the Innojo team creates one of the first user-designed and user-developed tools in the ICT for Development (ICT4D) space.

Read a best practice case study on how Innojo was designed with users, from the Principles for Digital Development.